About Hope

The Hope Montessori Academies have been meeting the needs of growing families since 1972. Dedication to excellence, decades of experience, and the commitment of an exceptionally qualified faculty & staff have converged to propel the Hope family of schools into national prominence today, as a leader in Montessori Education.

Our educational communities enjoy academically rich, child-focused, learning environments designed for young people from birth through six years of age.  We provide Montessori care for infants and Montessori classes for toddlers, preschoolers and for kindergarten-aged children. In addition, we offer recreational summer camps, as well as before school & after school programs for children of elementary school age.

At Hope, we appreciate the individuality of every child and we strive to instill confidence by encouraging independence and personal accountability, by nurturing self-discipline and integrity, and by modeling a balanced respect for self, for others, and for the world in which we live.  Our mission is to support the development of competent, responsible, and adaptive citizens who are optimistic problem solvers and who have a passion for learning and growth.

The Hope Montessori Academy schools feature peaceful classroom environments where collaboration is encouraged and where student interaction contributes to a warm, home-like atmosphere. Children have the freedom to work independently or in collaboration with others, which enables them to learn from one another as they practice important communication skills. The rich learning environments that characterize the Hope schools, naturally engage children and provide innumerable opportunities to create, experiment and to explore. This holistic, empirical approach to learning and education supports experience-rich growth in cognitive development, emotional intelligence, social skill awareness, as well as physical (fine and gross motor) development.

Our ultimate goal at Hope Montessori Academy is to help children manifest their full potential in all areas of life. The discovery of new skills, aptitudes and passions begins he moment your child steps onto a Hope campus… and the benefits last a lifetime.

Also, part of the Hope Montessori Academies family of schools includes:

Hope Montessori Educational Institute, our Montessori teacher education program for adults seeking to become professional Montessori Teachers.  Located in Lake St. Louis, our mission is to ignite our students’ passion for the process of learning, to inspire them to explore and create new, innovative ways in which to extend and expand their own learning and that of the young students for whom they will soon be responsible. By preparing our teacher education students for the responsibilities of leadership within the global Montessori community, we will enable them to carry the spirit of Dr. Montessori’s work into the future, for the benefit of generations to come.

Andrews Academyour traditional elementary schools located in Creve Coeur and Lake St. Louis, offers children from Kindergarten through Eighth grade a fast-paced, personalized education in a nurturing environment.  Set on a beautiful-wooded campus, the educational complex includes state of the art classrooms, libraries, art and music rooms, science labs, gymnasiums, and performing arts stages.   Andrews Academy was founded upon progressive educational principles and respect for each child’s development, a thorough grounding in the basic tools, and the encouragement of independent thinking.

Our objective is to encourage to the maximum the intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development of each child on a personalized basis.  The school maintains a warm, personal and informal atmosphere for children. We welcome each child as a unique, worthy individual who in turn responds almost inevitably with a delighted eagerness to attend school and learn.