Humans learn using their five senses. The Sensorial area of the classroom is designed to encourage children to use all of their senses to learn. It provides opportunities for questioning, investigation, and imagination through each new experience.

  • Children will use their sense of vision in working with shapes, colors, and blocks of various dimensions.
  • The sense of hearing is challenged when children classify alike “sound cylinders” filled with rice, beans, sand, etc.
  • Children are also exposed to music of various kinds regularly.
  • Experimenting with musical instruments is a special part of each child’s preschool experience.
  • Children develop their tactile sense through exploring “Mystery Boxes” with their hands to guess what’s in the boxes and also by matching various fabrics and textures in the classroom.
  • Children will be exposed to food from various cultures and will have the opportunity to classify foods as salty, sweet, bitter and sour.
  • The sense of smell is heightened when children pair alike “smelling bottles” with scents of lemon, mint chocolate, etc.